I specialise in working with metal; forged mild steel, stainless steel, steel and copper wires and stainless steel woven wire cloth.  I am also interested in combining materials and am now including textiles and wood in some of my sculptures.

The majority of my sculptures are inspired by nature, from the shapes, form, colour and growth of plants to atmospheric weather conditions.

Taking inspiration from horticulture and sewing techniques I have created a variety of forms ranging from large (2.5m) forged mild steel trees to tiny wire seeds and have collaborated with a glass artist to create 'Cloud', a large, immersive installation.

Recently I have been experimenting with exploring movement as a source of inspiration and using steel rod and wire as a means of drawing. 

My work is constantly evolving. 

Please have a look at my work and if you have any questions or ideas for bespoke commissions I would be happy to discuss them with you.