Photographic inspiration - Gold Water

Gold Water - reflections - photographic inspirationSculpture - metal wall hanging inspired by photographic image - Gold WaterPattern for silk scarfSilk scarf, square, inspired by photographic image - Gold Water

I have used my photographic image 'Gold Water' to inspire both metal and textile work. 

I have found that I often take similar images at different times and locations.  These individual images when grouped create new work.

3 images of winter branches covered in snow - printed on art paper --3 winter.jpg

Epping Forest Field Centre - banner for 40th anniversary celebrations.

The classrooms within the Field Centre are based upon the five leaves featured in the banner; Birch, Beech, Hornbeam, Lime, Oak.

Silver Birch leaves-Epping Forest banner-1st imageBeech Leaves-Epping Forest banner-2nd imageHornbeam leaves-Epping Forest banner-3rd imageLime leaves-Epping Forest banner-4th imageOak leaves-Epping Forest banner-5th image