Walk the Seasons

The exhibition focused upon our seasonal relationship with leaves and trees. It was about the space they occupy as much as the physical work. Prior to studying art I worked as a garden designer and I wanted to make work to go in a garden space, having spent time focusing on the artwork I wanted to re-engage with the space it occupies. Throughout the exhibition I used metal in various forms; mild steel, wire, metal fabric and metal thread. I also displayed photographic images of trees and leaves during the seasons.

Walk the Seasons exhibitionSculpture-Walk the Seasons 1Walk the Seasons 2 


Spring - 'Acer Into Leaf'

.....in spring the space around a leaf is small and intimate as the leaf breaks into bud.....


.Walk the Seasons-Spring 1Walk the Seasons-Spring 2Walk the Seasons-Spring 3Walk the Season-Spring 4

Summer - 'Beneath the canopy'

 .....during summer individual leaves are absorbed into the leaf canopy above.....

Walk the Seasons-Summer Summer -wire leaves-2 Acer

Autumn - 'Fallen'

.....by autumn the different characteristics of trees and leaves become apparent.....

Walk the Seasons-Autumn-FallenWalk the Seasons-Autumn-tree

Winter - 'Tree lines' 

.....scale and form create patterns in the landscape over winter.....

Walk the Seasons-Winter 1Walk the Seasons-Winter 2 


Walk the Seasons-Trees