Urban . Landscape - Solo Exhibition

Society of Designer Craftsmen Gallery 4-9 Oct 2013Urban . Landscape Exhibition Urban . Landscape ExhibitionUrban . Landscape SDC ExhibitionUrban . Landscape SDC ExhibitionUrban . Landscape SDC ExhibitionUrban.Landscape Exhibition 4-9 Oct 2013

In November 2013 I exhibited my work at The Society of Designer Craftsmen's Gallery, 24 Rivington Street, EC2, in a solo exhibition. 

'My current work is inspired by both urban and natural landscapes, reimagined in unconventional materials. Organic natural forms of trees and plants inspire metal sculptures whilst steel and glass constructions are presented as woven and digitally printed silks.'

Whilst sculptural metal work and textiles might not appear connected there are links. I often use photography in my work, sometimes as inspiration and sometimes to record information. I have previously used my photographic images; nature, buildings, reflections, to inspire metal sculptures. After playing with some of the images I created patterns many of which looked like they were woven which was intersting as I had looked at sewing stitches and weaving as inspiration for my forged metal work. I decided to have the patterns woven in silk and then digitally printed onto silk to see how the patterns changed. Another interesting connection is that I use a metal fabric, stainless steel wovenwire cloth in many of my metal sculptures and people often assume it is silk.

I now have a range of metal work inspired by nature and textiles in natural fibres inspired by metal.