Forged Mild Steel Trees

Taking my inspiration from nature and landscape graphics I have created a range of metal trees.

By joining lengths of steel rod over the forge, referencing stitching and grafting techniques, I have devised ways of creating forms which appear to grow.

I have developed a range of tree sizes and shapes, varying from single stem to triple stem, free standing and wall mounted versions with varying numbers of branches and leaves. 

The leaves suspended from the trees are made out of stainless steel woven wire cloth.  The forms are based upon Acer leaves (Shantung Maple), with random and representational colour markings, although other leaves can be selected.

I initially designed the trees to be sited in an exterior location, in a courtyard or as garden sculpture. However, shadows cast on interior walls whilst exhibiting at galleries and exhibitions revealed that the forms work better indoors, unless in a sheltered outside space, ideally next to a rendered wall. The finish on the metal can be selected for the location. So as not to hide the forging marks I have chosen to brush the steel and leave it untreated (dark silver steel colour) for an interior space.  If sited in an exterior location I suggest powder coating (various colours available) unless rusting is the desired finish.

As my work is made to commission I am able to make amendments to my existing designs, for example, make alterations to tree dimensions, change the scale of trees and leaves or attach specific leaf forms to a tree.

If you are interested in commissioning a tree and have specific requirements please contact me. The cost of a tree will vary depending upon the size and amount of work involved plus, delivery and/or installation.

scale drawing of trees