Wire leaves

Wire Acer leaf (2)Wire Acer leaf (2) Wire leaves-liquidambarWire leaves-3 OakWire leaves-3 Acer

Using the same leaf templates I use for my stainless steel woven wire cloth leaves I have drawn wire leaves by weaving and sewing with coloured coper wires, very fine stainless steel wire and a thread made up of stainless steel with silk or wool.

Wire leaves - Holly 3 / Holly 5

Wire holly leafWire leaves Holly 3 Wire leaves Holly 5

Small wire sculptures based upon Holly Leaves.

Silver coloured copper wire (non-tarnish), red coloured copper wire, fine stainless steel wire and stainless steel/wool thread.

Dimensions - Holly 3 - H:16cm W:42cm D:18cm

Dimensions - Holly 5 - H:10cm W:36cm D:20cm