Art in the Garden 2011 - 'Sycamore Wings'

After visiting the Gardens the previous year and taking a lot of photos of the Acers I used one of my images as inspiration for the forms and experimented with adding different wires (black mild steel, galvanised steel and copper) for detail.

Mild Steel. (Dimensions H:135/150cm W:40cm D:15cm)

Sycamore WingsSycamore Wings - line drawingSculpture-Sycamore WingsSycamore WingsSculpture-Sycamore WingsSculpture-Sycamore Wings-blackSculpture-Sycamore Wings-silverSculpture-Sycamore Wings-with copper 2Sycamore Wings 2-Hillier 2011Sycamore Wings-Hillier 2011