Art in the Garden 2010 - 'Breeze'

My metal trees and plants evolved as a way of drawing (landscape graphics) with metal.  By adapting the same forging techniques I experimented to see if I could write with the metal rod, joining letters to create a word. My intention for 'Breeze' was for the sculpture to become a part of the surroundings and that movement of air causing light to reflect on the metal fabric would attract attention to the forms.

Mild steel & stainless steel woven wirecloth. (Dimensions H:140cm x W:240cm)

Breeze planning.jpgSculpture-Breeze-Hillier 2010Sculpture-Breeze-Hillier 2010Sculpture-Leaves-(Breeze)-Hillier 2010Sculpture-Letters-(Breeze)-Hillier 2010